Meyer Angus Canada

Uncompromising Standards.
Exceptional Taste.TM

At Meyer, we know you enjoy delicious beef that delivers a premium eating experience. That's why we proudly only offer Angus beef sourced from Canadian ranchers, providing the highest quality taste and tenderness that you've come to expect!

Our cattle are raised on the lush farmlands of Canada without the use of added hormones or antibiotics and are grain-fed.

We stand by our products and guarantee you will enjoy it to the last bite! That's what we call The Meyer WayTM.


Angus is valued for a superior eating experience, based on marbling and tenderness. We only produce top-quality Red and Black angus prized for their genetics.

Nothing Added

We insist the beef we source is raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. Just the way nature intended!

Vegetarian Diet

Our Partner ranches follow our rigorous standards, including raising the cattle on a grain-fed diet containing no animal by-products!

The Meyer Way