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Oullet Farm
Ouellet Farm
St. Elizabeth, Quebec, CA

Just outside of St. Elizabeth, Quebec, CA, sits a four-generation diversified organic crop and cattle feeding operation. Denis and Josee Ouellett have grown the operation over the years and made it into the beautiful family owned operation it is today. The family owned farm was started by Josee's Father and Grandfather. They started only raising crops in the early 1900's and in 1981, they adopted cattle feeding as part of their operation. Today, the operation consists of 450 hectares (1100 acres) of organically raised, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, soy beans, and barley. Being part of an operation that is raising organic crops led them to start feeding cattle naturally. Natural feeding practices seemed to fit into their lifestyle of being good stewards of the land and livestock and in 2017 Denis and Josee made the switch from feeding cattle conventionally to naturally. This change to start feeding cattle Naturally allowed the Ouellett's to become part of the Meyer Angus Canadian family. Denis and Josee want to raise a sustainable and healthy product. They are following their hearts and are creating a product they believe in!

H. McNeil Farms
H. McNeil Farms
St. George, Ontario, CA

Hugh, Paula, and their son Ryan feed approximately 1000 head of natural cattle in the beautiful farming area of St. George, ON. This 500 acre multi generation farm raises corn, soybeans, and hay needed for their livestock operation. Along with feeding cattle for Meyer the McNeil's also run a 100 cow seed stock operation where he sells bulls to local farmers. When asked why he likes feeding natural cattle he replied "it's just the right thing to do for the people in Ontario."

Bogle Pass Angus
Bogle Pass Angus
Holstein, Ontario, CA

Bogle Pass Angus is owned by Anson and Cathy Lewis, along with their two young children, Hailey & Connor. Established by Anson's Great-Great Grandfather, Alex McKinnon, Bogle Pass Angus has long historical ties to the Angus breed and was one of the first importers of Angus cows beginning in 1889 with the family continuing this legacy today. Bogle Pass, itself, started in 1998, when Anson's Grandfather, Doug McKinnon, purchased two cows for Anson, one red & one black. Since that point, through extensive AI and Embryo work, the herd has grown to 130 cows. With a strong focus on maternal heritage, Bogle Pass Angus has strived to create a solid cow lineage supporting the quality of the herd and in the finished product for their customers.